Mary Parker Follett

Youthful portrait of Mary Parker Follett, 2002.
Cornelia P. Atchley, artist.

Let us be loyal to our inheritance and tradition, but let us understand what that inheritance and tradition truly is. It is not our tradition to stick to an outworn past, a conventional idea, a rigid religion. We are children of men who have not been afraid of new continents or new ideas. In our blood is the impulse to leap to the highest we can see, as the wills of our fathers fixed themselves on the convictions of their hearts. To spring forward and then to follow the path steadfastly is forever the duty of Americans. We must live democracy.

Mary Parker Follett, The New State (1918) (Full Text)

Matthew Shapiro, Sketch Biography of Author Mary Parker Follett (Dec 1996)

Albie M. Davis, Liquid Leadership: The Wisdom of Mary Parker Follett (1868 - 1933) (August 1997)


Portrait by Cornelia P. Atchley, Vigdor in blue (18KB)

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Cornelia P. Atchley, artist.
Portrait of Vigdor in blue 2001.