Sustainable Development


Continental Congress, Declaration of Independence (July 1776)

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address (Nov 1863)

Remarks of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., "I Have a Dream"
March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom (Aug 1963)


United Kingdom, Eliminating World Poverty: Making Globalisation Work for the Poor (Dec 2000)

The Global Compact
An agreement under sponsorship of the United Nations upon 9 principles between big business, labor, and civil society to unite the power of markets with the authority of universal ideals. (Sept 2000)

A Better World For All
Report by the United Nations, OECD, World Bank, and IMF, setting goals to reduce global poverty (July 2000)

President's Council on Sustainable Development
Overview, Members, Contact Directory, Task Forces, Publications, Council Meetings, Authorizing Documents, Town Meeting for a Sustainable America

Statement by President William J. Clinton on the Seattle WTO Trade Meeting (Dec 1999)

White House Fact Sheet on Policy Declaration on Environment and Trade (Nov 1999)

White House Fact Sheet on Trade and Ensuring a Healthy Environment (Nov 1999)

White House Executive Order, Environmental Review of Trade Agreements (Nov 1999)


World Summit on Sustainable Development (26 August - 4 September 2002)

The Tree of Biospheric Destruction (Sept 2003)

Brian Hack, Working Toward Sustainable Development(pdf file)
(Observing "The power of the individual to shape the course of history may be one of the most underdeveloped of all natural resources").Paper released at the Third World Debt Forum sponsored by the World Watch Institute (July 18-25, 2001) (as extended)

Independent Media Centers
Anti-capitalist, anti-globalization protest movement, engaging tens of millions of citizens and tens of thousands of labor, environmental, and civil non-governmental organizations all across the entire globe.

Federal Commuications Commission (FCC), Fact Sheet on Gratuitous TV Violence Programming
Television Use in America; Violence on American Television; Influence of TV Violence on Children (July 1999)

Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Report on Marketing Violent Entertainment To Children
Study Findings of Companies in Motion Picture, Music Recording and Electronic Game Industries Routinely Target Children Under 17; Retailers Make "Little Effort" to Restrict Access to Violent Material (Sept 2000)

Parents Television Council (PTC), Release of Survey Findings
"83% Of Movie Advertisements During Family TV Hour Have R-Rating" (Sept 2000)

FINS Book Review (reviewing Library of Congress, et al., Thomas Jefferson: Genius of Liberty), in FINS (Sept 2000)
Debunking flagrant attempt by the Library of Congress to discredit the heroic ideas on democracy of its own founder.

FINS Book Review (reviewing T.L. Friedman, The Lexus and Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization), in (Sept 2000)
Debunking flagrant mass media propaganda in support of savage capitalist globalization.

William Greider, Waking Up the Global Elite, in The Nation (Oct 2, 2000)
A look at how activism in the streets has led to an outpouring of platitudes in the suites in anticipation of next week's expected protests against the IMF and World Bank in Prague.

Justice Department Finds Racial & Geographical Disparities in Federal Death Penalty ,
in Death Penalty Information Center (Sept 2000)

Global Civilization: Disintegration & Rrbirth, in FINS (Revised July 2000)

William Pfaff, "Economic Globalism Has Failed" in International Herald Tribune (July 2000)

The Missung Core of Clinton's Proposed Revolutiom: Flawed New Framework for "Sustainable Development", in FINS (Nov 1999)

C.J. Campbell, The Imminent Peak of World Oil Production
Presentation to a House of Commons All-Party Committee on July 7th 1999

Internet transmission of article by Michael J. Sniffen, "FBI Trains New Agents on Holocaust" (July 2000), in The Washington Post (June 2000).

Frank Morales, Report on Federal Anti-Activist Intelligence Network (May 2000)

Jim Redden, Police State Targets The Left (Apr 2000)

Paul Ehrlick, The Population Bomb
A website in honor of Paul Ehrick, based on a TV documentary presenting detailed population information, data from U.S. Department of Commerce World Population Profile (1996)

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