April 01, 2004

About SunSITE

     SunSITE was established in 1995, with the support of Sun Microsystems, in order to encourage the adoption and implementation of emerging technologies within the University and in the communities it serves.
     SunSITE has three main goals:
  • to promote an infrastructure in which new technologies can develop and thrive;
  • to identify, test and deploy specific technologies that meet the academic community's demand for new services, or that expand services already offered; and
  • to promote a better understanding of how emerging technologies are changing the nature of the University and its relationship with the community.
     The work of SunSITE is carried out through communities of practice, groups of people drawn from throughout the University's IT infrastructure and across academic disciplines, bound together by their shared expertise and their passion for a joint enterprise. Posted by Chris Hodge at April 1, 2004 04:44 PM | Links to this post
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