Joseph Delaney
Joseph Delaney (1904-1991)

Artist Joseph Delaney was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1904, ninth of 10 children and the son of a Methodist minister. As a youth, Joseph attended school in Knoxville, leaving the Knoxville Colored High School at the conclusion of his ninth grade year. The next few years were spent doing odd jobs around town (caddy at the Cherokee Country Club, bell hop at the Farragut Hotel, etc.) until leaving for Chicago around 1924. He returned to Knoxville in 1929.

Being born to a minister-father, Joe and his family went regularly to church and it was there that Joseph and his older brother, Beauford, discovered their interest in art by drawing on Sunday School cards. In 1930, Joe left Knoxville for New York and soon became a student at the Art Students League. (Thomas Hart Benton was an instructor and mentor to Joseph and some of his classmates were Jackson Pollock, Henry Stair and Bruce Mitchell). Drawing and painting from all the various visual resources available, Joe spent the next 56 years living and producing his art in the area of lower Manhattan, SoHo and Union Square.

Joseph Delaney returned to Knoxville to live in 1986 and was artist-in-residence for the University of Tennessee Department of Art until his death in 1991.

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