Re: [HM] It fascinated Leibniz

Anne Michel-Pajus (
Sun, 6 Sep 1998 18:48:45 -0000

>Did this [harmonic] triangle originate with Leibniz? In what
>publication does he discuss it?

I don't know whether it is the first time, but Leibniz discussed the
harmonic triangle in "Historia and Origo Calculi Differentialis"
(1714), published in 1849.

>In Annapolis, several years ago, one could find bumper stickers on cars
>that read:
> Honk if you love Leibniz.
>Is the word *honk* known to our non-native-English speakers?

"Honk", "honkie" and "honky-tonk" are taught in english courses for
french people. I'm not sure that Leibniz would like this tribute...

Best wishes from Versailles