WUOT's Open House
July 26, 2011


Thanks to all who came to WUOT’s open house on July 26. We enjoyed having everyone come by - we had over 200 attendees!


91.9 Inc. Board Member Sharon Hammat and husband Dick


Chuck Cuthbertson tries to sell WUOT mugs by the fistfull!


Abby Godwin gets her caricature drawn by Marlee Parnell


Deb O'Dell gets a massage from masseur Erik Andelman


Alan Barr and the back of his A Prairie Home Companion t-shirt


Alan Barr and the front of his A Prairie Home Companion t-shirt


Great volunteers Lois Symington and Connie Shih get a chance to talk when it's not the fund drive!


Carol Montgomery and Larry Hendrix took a moment to smile for the camera


Lisa Beckman, WUOT Membership Coordinator, and Pat McHugh


From left, sisters Emma Jean and Lucille Maye Hubbard-Wright enjoyed the open house


Bev and Katy Gooch with Regina Dean, WUOT General Manager


From left, Emily, Nathan, and Melissa Huffstetler


Seth Hopper and Maggie Barta


Attendees chat


91.9 Inc. Board Member Mike Palenchar chats with Elsie Dodson


Barbara and Ray Barkowski show their love of WUOT mugs


Lisa Beckman, WUOT Membership Coordinator, and Jim Golden being silly


Ora Henson holds up her caricature


Joy Cook and George Borisow


Shirley Sturm, Brandon Hollingsworth, All Things Considered Host, and Regina Dean, General Manager


Jim Basford wore his WUOT t-shirt to the open house


From left, Louisa Trott and JoAnne Deeken


From left, Todd Steed and Bob Deck provided excellent entertainment


Kids have fun listening to the music


Caroline Wasmund records attendees who try out their best radio voice


Bob Huffman wears a humorous t-shirt


From left, Michael VonderBrink, Weekend Morning Concert host;
Evelyn Pieper; and Cynthia Bates


Joelle Brink, left, and Jennifer Lewis sit down and chat


Christina Clouthier came to WUOT to pick up her grand prize


Mark Frankel, left, and John Habel, Monday Jazz Host


Maggie Barta, left, and Alissa Reeves


Robby Paul and Karen Towle


Melony Maness, Morning Concert Host, on left with Connie Shih


Roy Carter and his great smile


From left Julia Abbott, volunteer, Brandon Hollingsworth, All Things Considered Host,
and Christine Jessel, Southern Education Desk Reporter


Doris Sklad has her caricature done by Marlee Parnell


Karen Price and Shay Ervin from UT stopped by to say hi


WUOT Engineer Mike Murrell enjoys his massage


Julia Abbott and Ken Langtimm sell mugs


Ken Langtimm's shoes


Margie Cuthbertson, left, and Ora Henson smile


Volunteer Rita Lund, right, with Lisa Beckman, WUOT Membership Coordinator


Shirley Sturm practices being a radio host


Great food




Fabulous Prizes


Library flowers















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