WUOT Volunteers in the Fall 2011 Fund Drive

We love our volunteers!


Al Iannacone

Jennifer Lewis, left, and Deb O'Dell were kept busy on Friday of the drive

Angela Gibson

Back row: Wes Loftis, Mary Gene and Nick Brancik, Jennifer Lewis
Front row: Alissa Reeves, Maggie Barta, Kevin Bailey and Donna Ellstrom

Tom Owens with UT volunteers his time as a runner

Bailey Callaghan

Board drawn beautifully by volunteer Gillian Hunt

Bob Frey - a new member of the WUOT volunteer group

Anne Dungan pauses for a bite to eat from Aubrey's with dessert from Connie's Kitchen

Bob Huffman and Laura Ayers

John Buchanan

Bonnie Oakberg comes all the way from Morristown

Brandon Hollingsworth brought in his Giants bobblehead for good luck

Rosemary Dodd

Brenda Logan waits for a call. Ring, phone, ring!

Carolyn Crowder

Dana Wright, left, and Stephanie Matheny

Ellen Cole, left, and Cyndi Steverson

Dave Cline, new volunteer

Donna Ellstrom, left, and Rita Lund

Sue Ramger smiling as always!

Eric McAnly

Lisa Beckman, left, and Melony Maness have fun with the thank-you gifts

Erin Moehlen, left, and Julia Abbott. Good friends and good volunteers!

David Hamilton, Brad Cantrell, Laura Barton and Elizabeth Cantrell

From left to right JoAnne Deeken, Cathy Grasch-Evans, and Stephanie Burr

Meagan Lane, left, and Patty Paul

Great group! From left, Dick and Sharon Hammat, Wes Loftis, Mary Pom Claiborne,
John Bain and Ken Thoms

Jack O'Connor

Caroline Wasmund enjoys some MoJoes coffee

Jackie Travis

Jessica Torrance shares a great smile for the camera

Back row: Roy Carter, Dave Cline, Dick Raridon and Caroline Wasmund
Front row: Al Good, who was smart to sit next to the Golden Roast scones, and Alice Feldman

JoAnne Deeken

Sweet moment between John Buchanan and Liz Proffitt

John Stephens bravely takes an early morning shift

John Witherspoon

Karen Fieldsa

Karen Price, left, and Penny Tschantz

Ken Langtimm, left, and Gene Dunaway

Kevin Bailey

Kevin Pack and Laura Twilley - great volunteers and board members

Linda Bolt

Linda Driver and Don MacKerer

Lisa Beckman gets some sushi for dinner - yum!

Longtime volunteer Hugh Bailey

Wes Loftis helps send out pledge reminders

Maggie Barta sends out thank-you gifts

Alan Cheatham, left, and Gene Dunaway

Margie Cuthbertson is a huge help with the mailings as always

Barbara and Ray Barkowski are behind the scene sending out mugs

Morgen Marshall

The Osborn family who recorded a testimonial about Imagination Library

Mike Palenchar Board Member AND volunteer

Jessica Torrance really loves the NPR calendar

Renee Hoyos

Jim Harb

Rhonda Luebke takes a pledge phone call and waits to enjoy a donated lunch
from Lunchbox

Back row: Walt and Karen Fieldsa, Robin Hill
Front row: Michael Mayhall and Kathy Wasmund

Roy Carter - who speaks Spanish beautifully

Roz Andrews

Shirley O'Connor, left, and Dinah Brock

Sue Caradine

Sunrise over UT - means I'm up way too early

Susan Godwin, Ellen Kern, Philip Sklad, Don MacKerer and Doris Sklad  have fun

Tim and Pat Brown

Walt Fieldsa










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