WUOT Volunteers in the Spring 2011 Fund Drive

What would we do without you?!


Alice Feldman and Albert Good


An ecstatic Brandon Hollingsworth, ATC host


From left Andrea Bowditch, Lisa Beckman, Alice Feldman and Albert Good


Back: Don MacKerer, Robin Hill,Caroline and Katherine Wasmund
Front: Lew Linhart, Madelon Perrault, and Cheryl Brownlee


Barbara Mannis gets some delicious banana pudding from Mama's Farmhouse


Bay Loftis munches on Tomato Head pizza


Berta Swain, Pat Postma and Connie Adams


Brenda Logan


Carol Tegethoff and Hugh Bailey


Louise Higman, Office Manager, stamps Aubrey’s certificates to give to volunteers


Caroline Wasmund, left, and Katherine Wasmund


Cindy Hassil, Development Director, gives bunny ears to Sam Adams, one of WUOT's underwriters!


David Dunn of Cortese Tree Specialists


Deborah Dawkins


Donna Ellstrom smiling


Doris Sklad


From left to right - Alissa Reeves, Wanda Cunningham, and Ellen Cole


From left to right - Deb O'Dell, Bonnie Oakberg and Paige Travis


Front: Robert Parker, Maria Gall and Jen Niedziela
Back: Mike Haynes, Patty Paul and Savannah Taylor


Geoff Mazeroff and Gillian Hunt


Gillian Hunt proudly shows her pledge form and neat handwriting!


From bottom left: Gillian Hunt, Sandra McLean, Kevin Bailey, Jennifer Lewis
and Michael VonderBrink


Gordon Greeson


Jean Burns and Deedee Blane


Jo Spivey helps with a mailing


Joan Riedl assembles pledge forms for Pet Pledge Day


John Buchanan


John Shaw helps with bank draft forms in between phone calls


John Stephens loves the early morning shift!


John Witherspoon gives himself bunny ears!


Ken Langtimm and Gillian Hunt


Ken Thoms


Kevin Bailey and Jennifer Lewis


Kris Torrance, left, and Connie Shih


Linda Bolt, left, and Savannah Taylor


Lou Smith, left, and JoAnne Deeken


Madelon Perrault proudly shows off her WUOT address book!


Maggie Barta


Malcolm and Jeanne Cauldwell with Karen Fieldsa


Margie Cuthbertson enjoys some scones from Golden Roast


Margie Ribble


Matt Shafer Powell gives a big grin for the camera


Michael Mayhall drinks some coffee from Mojoes


Michael Palenchar waves to the camera


Michael VonderBrink, Weekend Classical host


Mike Plummer and Ellie Gardner


Millie Gimmel is also a Spanish professor at UT


Nathan Huffstetler


Nathan Huffstetler and Phil Sklad


Nick and Mary Gene Brancik


Nick McDonough, left,and Daniel Laine of Cortese Tree Specialists


Patty Paul


Ray Holton, one of WUOT's great Evergreen Club Members


Regina Dean, Station Manager, and Ellen Cole


Sherrie Liafsha, right, with Renee Hoyos who organized a group of volunteers
from the TN Clean Water Network

Rhonda Luebke


Richard Raridon


Richard Shackleford loves the classical music


Robby Paul


Robert Parker


Robin Bell, left, and Deb O'Dell


Roz Andrews, Karen Price, Beth Wong, Si Sikes and Nathan Huffstetler


Sandra McLean wins the award for the volunteer who traveled
the furthest to get to WUOT!


Susan Caradine, Susan Dodd and Doug Dodd


Sue Ramger, left, and Rita Lund


Susan Godwin, left, and Stephanie Matheny


Theresa Pepin, left, and Karen Towle chat


Tim Brown and Bailey Callaghan


Todd Steed, Jazz Coordinator, masterfully uses chopsticks to eat Nama sushi


Tom Owens, Director of UT Video and Photography


Walt and Karen Fieldsa


Wesley Loftis


Wesley Loftis and Julia Abbott


WUOT Engineer Mike Murrell takes a break and has some Bennett's Pit Bar-B-Que










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